10 Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2020 Review

A coffee shop is a place where ideas, dreams, and even stories come to life. With the increase in the number of coffee houses, the competition is never-ending. Your coffee shop might be located at the perfect spot with an eye-catching name, but the heart of a coffee shop is the coffee machine. Your coffee shop is like a body and espresso machine is like a heart-pumping the best-brewed coffee to your customers every single hour of the day. 

Now you might be thinking that my business is running all good and I’m paying all my bills on time, why shouldn’t I buy a new espresso machine? The answer to your question is, you may have a good or the best coffee machine, but you need a specific espresso machine to relish the taste buds of your espresso loving customers.

With the new commercial espresso machine, your coffee brewing will take less time and gets more flavor out of your coffee beans.

A coffee shop without a good espresso machine is like a Rolls-Royce without its V8 engine. So today we have for you the list of top 10 best commercial espresso machines that you can easily buy online. So finish up your coffee shots and read this article with your eyes and mind awaken.

Here Are 10 Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2020

# 10 Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

Starting with our list at number ten, we have Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee machine. The manufacturer of this product has emphasized more on two grinders and two heating systems this commercial espresso machine provides an unprecedented range of unique brews; thus, fulfilling every special requirement of your customer.
Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Firstly, this espresso maker has 12 programmable specialties along with 8 programmable levels of Coffee strength.
  • Secondly, it comes with Thin Transistor Display TFT at the front, allowing you fast access to all its features.
  • Two in one function as you can brew both coffee and espresso in a single machine.
  • The machine uses Pulse Extraction Process PEP for giving optimal extraction time.
  • It has a six-level G3 grinder which makes sure coffee gets grounded perfectly.


  • The water reservoir should be a bit bigger
  • Coffee coming out from this machine is not so strong.
  • Also, the coffee is not too hot. So if you are the one looking for a coffee that wakes you up in a second, this might not be your thing.

The Jura 15097 could be in a much higher spot if it does have more space for water and heats coffee up to the requirement. Otherwise, it’s an excellent product for espresso lovers. Also, the machine almost cleans itself automatically, which is a nice addition to a list of special features. The product is not bulky, and you can even place it in your kitchen if you like.

The main feature which stands out is the presence of the TFT screen, which helps the coffee maker to know what type of coffee he/she is brewing and how much time it is going to take.

# 9 Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

With Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine, you get a sizeable telescopic coffee dispenser which has a maximum height of 6.5 inches. This industrial espresso machine gives coffee maker better control over the number of different variables such as temperature, grind quality, and dose.

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine


  • Firstly, it has an auto timer meaning your machine will start brewing coffee for you before you enter the kitchen.
  • The milk container comes out automatically after its usage.
  • Moreover, it comes with a built-in grinder in addition to milk frother.
  • It has one of the largest milk carafes with 0.5 liters.
  • You can brew custom with just a push of a button
  • The whole body has a stainless finish 


  • It’s a bit expensive 
  • Besides, the rinse water collector is not too large, causing the machine.
  • As a result, the machine needs constant cleaning.

The Italian espresso machine comes with pre-loaded presets such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, and espresso-making the process the whole brewing process fast and less time-consuming. 

Furthermore, it has a pre-brewing cycle which you guessed it could be customizable depending on the time, temperature, coffee, and milk length. It brews one shot of espresso at a time you can easily add another one, but the time will increase. With all its customizable options at such a high price point, if we could have two shots at the same time, we might have achieved world peace not though.

# 8 Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville is the homely name when it comes to kitchen appliances with Breville BES920XL dual boiler espresso machine the company tries to get the commercial performance in size of domestic scale. The boiler used for the espresso shot is PID temperature controlled. This small espresso machine gives you the best of both worlds.

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


  • The machine has a flexible shot. Thus you can choose the quantity of the espresso going in your cup.
  • It has a steam wand, which has its boiler to provide a micro-foam texture for flavor enhancements.
  • The LCD allows easy programming while providing the extraction time.
  • 9 different bars for pressure extraction for creating a golden honey cream.
  • Extracts maximum flavor with precise temperature.
  • Most importantly it weighs only 30 pounds, far less than other commercial machines. 


  • Sometimes condensation builds on the pressure gauge.
  • The LCD panel is small, and the looks of the machine feel pretty outdated.
  • When in use creates a lot of noise.

This espresso maker is truly amazing, and it weighs less in terms of both pocket and footprint. The dual boiler configuration is just perfect for side by side, pulling off a good espresso shot and steaming milk. 

You can program the espresso shot allowing you to have time for steaming the milk until the shot is prepared. With a little bit of a facelift, this espresso machine could be sitting on your kitchen pouring out great coffee for you.

# 7 Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Do you need to brew different types of coffee? Are you one of the people that enjoy different coffee each day? Then Saeco HD8927 PicoBaristo is just the right option for you as it can brew up to 11 different varieties of coffee. The company Saeco has been in the coffee business for about 30 years, and with this commercial espresso maker, they are showing their affection to coffee lovers. By providing a compact machine that can do so much.  

Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine


  • First, it has physical buttons for choosing a wide variety of specialties.
  • It comes with an AquaClean filter allowing you to forget about descaling for few months.
  • Also, the machine has a quick heat boiler meaning no waiting for the brewing process to take place.
  • You can customize the coffee according to your taste buds.
  • Moreover, the machine has removable brewing group allowing for fresh beans to ground consistently


  • When the brewing is done, the machine gets a bit noisy. 
  • The milk foam is not up to the mark when compared to the price point.
  • Lastly, the water reservoir is quite small and can end up without any indication.

It’s a great espresso machine, but when you start using it, you might come across a lot of errors on the screen. This is because of the loosely placed magnet and other stuff which stops the machine from working in a smooth way. Also, we saw a problem with the water container.

 It would have been a blessing if they have provided an indicator for the water levels, so our machine doesn’t stop in the middle of the brew. These minor issues can be easily eradicated as a result, for home brewing we think it’s a nice option considering how much additional features it has at such an affordable cost. 

# 6 La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Commercial

At number six, we have La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B. It is a bulky machine generally used for commercial purposes. Parts of it are made of brass with a coating of chrome on it, so it surely is a bulky piece of machinery. It consists of two hot water steam jets and a hot water tap with flexible jet. The voltage specification is 220 to 240 volts.

La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Commercial


  • Firstly, it has separate solenoids which allow multiple users to operate the machine simultaneously. 
  • The machine consists of an anti vacuum valve, which helps in seamless working of the machines without having to clean continuously to extract the coffee from it.  
  • Next is the impeccable quality of material used on it. It is made of stainless steel, which obviously is very long-lasting. 
  • Double scale gauge for pump as well as boiler pressure control.


  • Since the machine is for commercial purposes, it is very heavy.
  • It is a bit noisy, for obvious reasons.
  • Needs proper maintenance.

So, the machine is a good buy for people having commercial usage, as multiple users can operate the machine simultaneously. The coffee is consistent with time. It does produce strong and light coffee according to your taste.

# 5 De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

Next on our list is De’ Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine. It is one of the best for a coffee machine. It inculcates every aspect of  good purchase for coffee lovers.

De'Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine


  • Integrated grinder and sensors deliver consistent coffee and taste every time.
  • Instant grinding on switching the power on.
  • Best temperature stability in the range.
  • Immediate brewing and frothing of the coffee with the dual heating system.
  • It also has a Self-cleaning system.


  • A bit noisy when working
  • Though there is a self-cleaning option, it still requires proper maintenance.

The verdict is that it is a great machine for personal and commercial usage. It inculcates all the characteristics which make it a perfect coffee maker.

The sensors are not spurious or a sham; they do work to make the coffee tastier and consistent with every makes.

# 4 Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

At number four we have Jura Impressa XS90 Coffee Center. It’s a coffee center, but its footprint is almost the same as of any other coffee machines. The machine has manual buttons for cappuccino latte and macchiato flavors.

Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center


  • Firstly, it has 15 bar pump for maximum performance.
  • Burr grinder has six precision setting with an active bean level monitoring.
  • It has an inbuilt energy-saving mode.
  • It gives automatic message for maintenance program.
  • Moreover, it has a 1.5-gallon water tank perfect for small coffee shops.


  • Lack of proper instructions for cleaning the machine.
  • The coffee-making process is a bit slow and loud compared to other machines.
  • The machine itself is quite heavy.

The machine makes a great coffee and with dedicated buttons for espresso and cappuccino makes it stand out from the others, but with loud noise and more time consumption in brewing, it falls behind in our list of best commercial espresso machines. 

# 3 Microcasa Semi automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

At number three, we have one of the best machines that can make espresso shots in no time. The Microcasa Semi automatic Commercial Espresso Machine has a touch of class with its chrome and silver finish. If you are looking for a machine that looks fancy and delivers amazing espresso shot this one for you. 

Microcasa Semi automatic Commercial Espresso Machine


  • No assembly required.
  • Includes a heat exchanger system which extracts the most flavor.
  • Comes with portafilter wooden handle 
  • Pressure gauge with water level side gauge


  • The coffee maker is working on old school machinery.
  • It doesn’t have any digital indicators.
  • Not good for commercial use.

With the smaller brewing capacity, you need to refill the machine quite a lot, and if you are using it in your coffee shop, then you might end up having long queues. The flavor it provides is undeniably superior, but in 2019 we need something which can deliver coffee at a much higher rate.

# 2 Nuova Simonelli Talento Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Just missing the pole position at number two we have Nuova Simonelli Talento Espresso Coffee Machine. With this machine, you are bringing the big guns in the coffee house. This machine is best suitable for big coffee shops where it needs the machine needs to brew more than 200 cups a day. It has an LCD to help user program the milk and coffee dose along with different temperature settings

Nuova Simonelli Talento Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine


  • First, it has 20 different coffee options 
  • Comes with automatic washing program 
  • Standby function to save electricity.
  • In addition to this, it has a self-diagnostic program to give user feedback for malfunctions
  • High-quality beverages with a simple click of a button.
  • The liner design helps in less footprint. Thus, allowing it to adjust in small places.


  • The setup requires industry level professionals
  • Water filtration is not included in the box.
  • Best for commercial purpose only

Nuova Simonelli Talento is a super automatic espresso machine with all the latest tech. It’s a high-performance machine designed by Talento to provide the best of the best coffee to its user. The price could have been a bit lower, but if you compare it to other espresso machines, they don’t stand a chance. If you are the owner of a big coffee house, this coffee maker needs to be on your radar. 

# 1 Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker

At number one spot we have Barista BES880BSS Touch Espresso Espresso Maker from Breville. It’s the second espresso maker in our list from Breville. While being under a thousand dollars, this commercial espresso maker comes with all the added benefits of big chunky espresso machines. In addition to this, it has an intuitive color touch screen, which makes it easy for a user to brew coffee in it. Also, you get an integrated coffee grinder with a single touch button process.

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker


  • Adjustable coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature.
  • It has an auto steam wand, allowing you to adjust the coffee temperature and texture minutely.
  • The machine comes with a ThermoJet heating system for faster heat up time.
  • Digital Temperature control provides the exact water temperature for best espresso extraction.
  • Inbuilt Dose Control delivers a precise amount of coffee for the optimal flavor
  • Finally, it has a touch screen which gives step by step tutorial for different coffee flavors.


  • Hard to fill the water reservoir as it’s on the backside of the machine.

Whether you are an owner of a coffee house and want to give your customers a great coffee or want to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning, Barista Touch Espresso Maker can ease your pain of coffee making at an affordable cost

The machine also holds 15 tutorials for you to try exotic coffee flavors. It might take you some time to get used to it, but once you get familiar with the machine, a great cup of coffee is just a touch away.  


So there you have it folks, these are our top 10 picks for commercial espresso maker which you can buy right now, with Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker being our number one recommendation for both business and household purposes.

Feel free to give us your feedback and tell us which one according to you is the best from the above list.

Source: Best Espresso Machine 2020.

Happy Brewing!!

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