Nespresso vs Espresso: Know the Real Winner in 2020

Almost everybody will accept the fact that coffee makers have proved to be an invention making the lives of people easier. Not only are these machines easier to use but also a one-time investment. In the meantime, this article will give you a clear outlook to understand the disparity between Nespresso vs Espresso.

You want your coffee to be strong or relish it for long; we got you covered here.

Don’t leave us halfway if you really want to know which one of the two can be your right choice.

Nespresso Vs Espresso: Deciphering the Comparison


One of the common questions that people mostly ask is ‘what is a Nespresso machine?’ This is because of the misleading yet similar name forms.

Hence, where Nespresso is a renowned proprietary coffee pod and capsule-based brewing machinery brand, Espresso is a typical, highly concentrated coffee beverage type.

Brew Flavor

The food industry across the globe abides by one golden rule – Taste is the king. In fact, ‘taste’ is considered one of the vital elements, based on which consumers choose their coffee.

However, one should understand that a coffee drinker’s taste depends on his/ her preference.

To begin with the Nespresso vs Espresso taste factor, Nespresso taste has minor acidity but is rich in flavor. The brew body is medium with adequate aromas.

In the case of brew from the espresso machine, it is full-bodied and highly flavorful. In addition to this, the prepared Espresso offers coffee lovers a bright acidic punch, rich aroma and an intense flavor kick.

Brewing Options

In most Nespresso Vertuo vs Espresso machine review pages, people often look for the brewer flexibility of both the machines.

The common searches revolve around quality, quantity, and use of coffee pods or grounded powder.

Beginning with Nespresso, it offers users ease of brewing. It is simple to use, fast and genuinely consistent.

In comparison to the espresso machines, Nespresso is less customizable. Most Nespresso machines are compatible, working with specific coffee pods or capsules.

Speaking about Espresso makers, these machines tilt more towards the semi-automatic types.

To summarise, you actually get a certain amount of leverage when it comes to controlling the brewing process.

In simple words, the Espresso machines give the users a wide berth for customization.

In this comparative war between Nespresso vs Espresso, the choice is selective and as per the choice of the customer.

If you are an experimental coffee lover, who loves customizing their beverages with different brews, this semi-automatic espresso machine can be a fit for your taste.

However, if convenience is something you look forth and are ready to be with peace with the same Nespresso coffee quality and taste, Nespresso is always a good choice.

Variety of the Capsules

Although most coffee lovers love to prepare their coffee from scratch, a certain percentage of people will also agree to like the speed and convenience of coffee capsules.

With a variety of capsules available in the current market, some of the best picks for Nespresso quality coffee capsules are:

  • Cosi capsule (blend of Central and South American and East African Arabicas)
  • Capriccio capsule (a blend of Brazilian and South American Arabicas)
  • Volluto capsule (a blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica)
  • Livanto (a blend of Colombian and Costa Rican coffees)
  • Ristretto capsule (a blend of South American and East African Arabicas)

In certain renowned online stores, 24 coffee capsules are offered as an exclusive pack.

Based on the comparison, the espresso machines are a better option as most of them use coffee beans.

Machine Cost

Looking from the cost perspective, the pick between Nespresso vs Espresso can really be tough. The upfront cost of the espresso maker is slightly on the higher side in comparison to that of the Nespresso maker.

But on the brighter side, the consumers will not require spending a fortune on coffee pods as this machine requires coffee beans.

A good espresso machine (semi-automatic) with a good grinder can be easily available in leading online stores within $100.

If you compare Nespresso between Nespresso vs Espresso, the price of the machine can be as less as $100 (complete package).

Overall, the expenditure regarding coffee capsule on a daily basis and counting two pods a day, it can be nearly $0.7.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For both the coffee makers, the cleaning process is quite simple. The recommended process is just the usage of damp cloths for the exterior body.

Our Recommendations on Nespresso Vs Espresso Machine

‘Everything is fair when the competition between the Nespresso vs espresso coffee maker is on.’

If you are an espresso lover and like experimenting with your coffee, choose a good Espresso machine like Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker Barista Bundle Set.

It also serves two perfectly blended Espresso within 45 seconds! It has an advanced Thermoblock fast heating system, which can produce instant steam for a frothier coffee.

This coffee maker can easily store 1.25-liter water, has a removable drip tray, detachable frothing device.

Also, it even comes with two stainless steel portafilter baskets and makes two high-quality espresso cups at a time.

In addition to all these features, this espresso machine offers the users the option of pulling a double or single shot during every extraction.

Nevertheless, if your soft corner skips a beat over the Nespresso machine, our suggestion would be Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with Nespresso Capsule System.

As per the Nespresso coffee reviews, this coffee machine is self-sufficient to create perfectly blended espresso drinks

The Nespresso machine offers two coffee and three milk options, a single touch, hot milk cleaning system, and approximately 1-liter water container capacity.

In addition to this, this coffee maker has an electricity-saving option with an auto-off timer option.

Final Verdict for Nespresso Vs Espresso

After reading everything above, the expected question in almost every reader’s mind now can be ‘is Nespresso real Espresso?’

Well, the answer is up to you. From a glance, both the coffee machines stand on their promise of producing rich and full-bodied coffee.

The best suggestion for the readers here would be to read the Nespresso vs Espresso coffee reviews thoroughly and ponder on all the provided speculations.

Thereafter, you can easily make the selection between the two excellent coffee makers that can give you the perfect cup of coffee.

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